So what is Neo Retro Go! ?

First and foremost it is a game review site. The initial “plan” was to focus on new retro styled games, however as most know, plans change. There is also an ample focus on VR titles (HTC Vive only at the moment) and simulation games. In reality I’ll cover just about anything, even stuff with zombies, although they aren’t my favorite.

Who are we?

The we is really just a me, Derek Miller, an ex-game studio employee and current contributer at ( and ( So, that’s this site, plus 2 others, needless to say I like staying busy. On occasion we (I) will have guest reviewers come in as well.

Review Policy

All review keys are provided by publishers, developers, or through PR.


The scores range from 0-10 with .5 intervals. Here is a rough guideline of what the scores denote.

0.0 – 5.5  varying degrees of “not so good”
6.0 – 6.5 “maybe” it’s mostly ok, possibly even enjoyable. This is not a bad score, more of a caution to examine more closely before potential purchases.
7.0 – 10.0 varying degrees of “good”

Scores combine a variety of factors usually dependent on genre (a RPG with a bad story is more of a concern than a shmup with a bad one for instance).  A base score is tabulated and then adjusted for any technical issues. Minor issues may have little to no effect on overall score, while something with a game breaking bugs will be penalized more severely.

There is no perfect system, while a custom scoring system might be better in some regards, it could also cause confusion compared to what is mostly an industry standard in scoring scales. Conformity in this case is more beneficial to everyone involved.

Games Without Scores?

Yes, that occasionally happens too. Some guest reviewers may not be comfortable with giving a score and that’s ok. I write at places that give scores and don’t give scores, each have their own merit. While the overwhelming majority of exclusive reviews here will have scores there is a few occasions where doing so does not make as much sense. Those most likely to not receive scores are guest reviews and reviews focusing on one aspect, such as VR only gameplay in a title that offers both a VR and standard experience.

I keep getting redirected, what gives?

As mentioned before I do write elsewhere as well. So I’m happy to include links to those works as well. I’m not interested in cannibalizing their views however, so whenever possible you will be redirected to the original site in which the review/article was published. You’ll even see sections on the site dedicated to reviews at those particular sites!

One Last Thing

Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to check out the site.