Bendy and the Ink Machine Coming to Steam

Bendy and the Ink Machine Coming to Steam

Fresh off a very successful launch of the first chapter, theMeatly has announced that Bendy and the Ink Machine is coming to Steam. Chapter One recently became the highest rated game on all of GameJolt so if you haven’t heard of it already, don’t worry you will. With this success and subsequent Steam Greenlight campaign soon even more gamers will get to join in Bendymania. So how long will everyone have to wait? Let’s dig into the details and see.

While there is no specific date set just yet, the second chapter will appear on Steam in April. Even better news is that Chapter One will be there as well and will remain free. So how much for Chapter 2? Each new chapter will be priced at $6 and although it’s still being considered, there is a chance that once all the Chapters are released there will be a full collection released for around $20. Although I stress that nothing is definite on that at this time.

So what can we expect new for Chapter 2? How about a playtime of at least 3 times as long as Chapter One? Sounds great and here is a nice handy list of some other added features to expect.

– More Action Oriented Gameplay

– A RUN button. (Finally!)

– Yes, you will be able to die in the game.

– More puzzles.

– New Characters.

– Subtitles

– Updated Chapter One included.

– Controller Support.

– Enhanced Audio Clarity

– A refined, expanded menu system / options.

– Achievements and unlockables.

-PC, MAC, and Linux.

Having played through Chapter One when it was released I have to say that the game really creates a truly great atmosphere. Not being one for horror games or movies I was more than pleasantly surprised with how good it was. It takes something special to make you like a genre you have no interest in normally and that’s exactly what Bendy and the Ink Machine does. So keep your eye’s out for it coming in April to Steam or in the meantime you can get Chapter One now right HERE.

But you don’t have to just take my word for it, here’s someone far more famous than I enjoying Bendy and the Ink Machine.

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